Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take a Header

Here is the new living room window, again almond vinyl and casement argon filled thermopane. I really like the "bulky look" of these windows - probably why they were so cheap (less glass).

These old houses had two four foot wide windows on this wall - with the top plate of the wall supported by a center beam. I have opened this up to a 102" rough opening.

My chief advisor ( and investor) dad insisted on an upgraded header. This old house is 2x4 wall construction - the header is two 2x6's, on edge - the traditional header - but filling the gap between the two boards is a 1/2 " steel plate. This steel sandwich is bolted and construction cement glued. Should be plenty strong to resist the sag of a fully snow loaded roof.

Other notes: yep, that's dads new 1958 M38 Willy's jeep in the driveway. The 6 mil plastic ceiling seen here should be covered with 5/8" fire rated drywall by the end of this weekend.

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YK said...

at this rate it's almost ready for a return visit soon....