Monday, May 11, 2009

Keeper of the Flame

Putting the "Pro" in procrastination. I spent my sunny South Central Alaskan weekend thatching, sweetening and fertilizing the lawn. I also finally broke down and bought the grill I have been shopping for the last 12 months. I had waited for a sale for 12 months - it never went on sale.

I brought home the unbuilt box and was surprised to find a $40.00 cheaper price tag inside ( lower 48 pricing). I returned to the Home Depot the next day and was refunded.
I stopped by Costco on the way home from that transaction and bought two pounds of beef tenderloins: four two-inch thick steaks.
Steak, potato and blue-cheese dressing on greens... and yes that is a picnic table and a Chinet paper plate. Back to the house project shortly.

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