Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bat Whisperer

Starting with a pic' of the proVent attic ventilation product in place. This allows air flow from the eves that might otherwise be blocked by insulation. The plastic vent is a plastic channel that allows the air to travel and keep a "cold roof" cold.
After installing these in the non-standard 20" center trusses, I have trimmed and installed the insulation from below. Then, balancing act complete, I stapled the 6mil vapor barrier with the whacker-tacker. Need the insulation, was in the teens Fahrenheit the other night.


buzzterrier said...

Kind of crazy that they would have done 20" on center for the trusses. Don't see those couple of inches buying any more support. Just makes a pita for everything else.How does that work with your shitrock? Did you have to custom cut each sheet?

saved by biking said...

I like to run the drywall opposed to the weird trusses - and luckily the little room was 8x12 and the "larger" room is 12x12 - not much cutting..