Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Have moved inside, 15 days of rain in August caused an eruption of motivation. That and tent funk. In one week, I opened up the rough opening of the small bedroom window in anticipation of the new larger window, drywalled, textured and painted the small bedroom, installed the larger window and moved in. If I had that motivation all summer, I'd be done. So I am on the upswing...

I used a drywall jack to lift the 12' x4' 5/8" sheets to put a lid on the small room, rented for $30.00 for the weekend. Cool, but you will still need an assist getting the big sheets out of the truck, and again, on to the jack. Bought a Senco drywall screw gun.... oooooh so sweet. Yep that is an auto-feed strip of screws. Witnessed the drywallers using these in the house I had built three years ago and knew that I would need one someday.

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