Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grandpa To The Rescue!

Actually, Dad to the rescue. A kick in the arse and lots of help. For the new Rinnai instant water heater, the new gas range, and for the anticipated gas dryer in the farthest corner of this 1000 sq ft mansion, I needed to run some gas line.

The Rinnai heater needs 3/4 inch - this is because it is a 192,000 BTU unit. Remember - this is "instant heat" . These are sold as "energy savers" but I doubt it would really be cheaper to utilize this water heater with the water coming out of the ground at less than 40 degrees F.

I value this unit, as it will allow me to run a wall of cabinets and counter, in a minuscule laundry room that I would not have been able to with a tank-style heater.

Dad brought over Grandpa's ol' pipe-vise and assorted cutting and reaming tools. We hauled the 21' long sections of black pipe home, slung beneath my '71 Chevy pickup. Sorry no pics, but dad says that's the way it used to be done. The front of the pipe was conveniently passed through the lower mount for my snow plow, and the rear, tied up to the rear bumper.

A worker at the plumbing supply store said "you guys sure are handy". My father, without missing a beat, quoted Red Green: "If the ladies don't find ya handsome, they better find ya handy".

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buzzterrier said...

That's cool. I am considering putting in on demand water heaters here. Mainly because it takes so long for the hot water to run the lines to the facets. BTW, they installed some yellow plastic pipe for the gas going to our stove, did you consider using that instead?